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Michelle Bryant Griffin is multi-talented and comes from a long line of creative intellects. She is an award-winning artist, author, entrepreneur & motivational speaker. Growing up the oldest of eight children, she was destined to be a leader, mentor, and motivator. As a multi-award-winning, published photographer, Michelle has been dubbed a "Transformation Artist" by her clients. Although talented enough to preserve a child's smile, make any woman feel beautiful, freeze time & capture a moment all with the snap of a finger, her passion is what she calls her bombshell or "ooh-la-la shots."

"Boudoir is my specialty. A woman’s image of herself is something most men don’t understand. No matter their age, shape, or size, women will always find some flaw with their bodies. I pride myself on bringing the inside to the outside.

All photos that are uploaded are under copyright and may not be uploaded or printed without my written consent from the artist/photographer.

Enjoy the photos. I hope you will allow mi the opportunity to capture what’s FABULOUS about you with a shoot in the near future."

Multi-Award Winning Photographer

Hello. I'm Michelle & I see you

I started shooting the “boudoir” style of photography in 2009 while dealing with the dissipation of a nearly 24-year marriage. “Who would want ‘this’”? I asked myself. I was pushing 50, overweight, and felt unwanted and unattractive; like damaged goods. Then a wonderful friend of mine said the words that forever changed my life. “You’re beautiful, talented and smart. You just need to get your sexy back. Just be you and let the world catch up.”


And so, it began. I went into the bathroom, stripped down, and took a selfie (a little cleavage included) – and it was stunning. It was art. My eyes sparkled, my skin was silky, and confidence oozed in this image. I saw myself as I had never seen or noticed. Then it hit mi – if I could make myself feel beautiful, attractive, special, and worthy of note, then surely, I could do it for others.


Often people comment on my photos of myself saying “you’re hot” “you’re gorgeous” etc. It used to motivate mi as I looked for validation that I had something to offer. After time, it began to bother mi, because I felt my appearance was and is, literally, the least interesting thing about mi. There definitely seems to be people looking for photos of women. They judge us as sexy or not sexy. That said, I’ve gotten a lot of negative remarks too, and that’s ok. I know that my value is not contingent on their opinion. Some have even accused mi of having no self-respect. I think it’s quite the opposite.


See, since I’ve become a boudoir photographer, I have adjusted my mindset. I realize that posing in a sensual manner is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about, and certainly not something to be bullied about. And I despise the word “boudoir.” It means bedroom, but we are always beautiful – not JUST in the bedroom. Every. Single. Day.


I suppose I should have just said “thank you”, but the truth is, I never considered myself beautiful. But I am. I’m beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. You are beautiful. Every woman I am blessed to take photos of is beautiful. Everyone has body issues. Every. One. Even men. Frankly, I think the fact that we are beautiful is sort of – uninteresting. No matter our age, shape, or size, we all find some flaws with our bodies.


But our beauty isn’t what’s important. What’s important is that we pour out our souls. We become vulnerable. We muster strength we didn’t know we had to expose ourselves, raw, and uninhibited. To have this reduced to its least important factor – appearance – isn’t a compliment, and assuredly it shouldn’t be an issue.


It’s typical for us to see appearances first, and therefore, how we immediately judge others – but if we go beyond the “appeal”, there is so much more we can learn about a person by their appearance, by how they portray themselves, by the look in their eyes, and by the smirk in their smile.


Perhaps if we quit putting people in those boxes, we could really see them for who they are. If we stop looking for “beauty” we might see joy or pain. We might notice a woman who perhaps recently lost a few pounds and feels better about herself for the first time in years, or who is the product of divorce, feeling like damaged goods; and needs to see how beautiful and worthy she really is. We may even see the more confident woman, secure in herself and her body despite her years. We might see an actual human who needs more than sexual validation. The photos I post of my clients are the least important part of their experience.


It doesn’t matter to mi if they think they are “sexy”. They are. Each of these women has a story. I know because, often with tears running down their faces, they tell mi things like, “you brought the inside to the outside, “You made me look and feel beautiful again.” I witness firsthand the way their demeanor changes from before and then after a session, the way their comfort and confidence grows. Their energy changes as they start to feel comfortable in their own skin, as they leave the lens feeling liberated.


The way they look is honestly uninteresting. It isn’t what is important. The way they feel about themselves? That is everything. I am not aiming to be “sexy” or “hot” or to seek validation by posting photos of myself. I simply want to inspire my clients to embrace their beautiful selves in an uninhibited way no matter their age, size, etc., to pour out their soul, become vulnerable, and be free to bare their scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and flaws in a liberating and confident manner: to notice the light they truly possess and own it, that they may shine bright day by day in the world. That they too, will be their own kind of beautiful and let the world catch up.


“Yesterday was my photography session with the fabulous Michelle of Focus on Fabulous Creative Photography and I am still smiling! Michelle is so encouraging and puts you at such ease while she brings out the best in you and captures your personality in picture form. She worked her magic and the finished product is that my OUTSIDE matches my inside! If you are looking for special, Michelle's the one!!!”

“Michelle Bryant Griffin has a passion for what she does and it shows! My photo branding session with her was nothing short of Amazing from start to finish! She gave me so much confidence and made me feel soooo comfortable! She's on time and very prompt and it was a very pleasant experience working with her. I could not beleive how my photos looked from the shoot...just BEAUTIFUL!!”

“My photos were amazing! In building my website I discovered there are no images in my industry featuring women of color. Michelle came to my spa and took the most amazing images, made us feel comfortable and at ease. We had a blast and the photos turned out awesome. I'm so excited.”

“My family FINALLY decided to get family photos done. We looked around I found Michelle. To say she did an amazing job really isn't fair! She went WAY BEYOND that! She was able to capture the true love and craziness of my family CLEARLY and make it a lot of fun for all of us! I HIGHLY recommend her for ANY type of photos you may need!”

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“WOW! What an awesome experience!!!!! Michelle was AMAZING. She was INCREDIBLY PATIENT during my photoshoot, was VERY PROFESSIONAL, & made it a point to work within my level of modesty which made me very COMFORTABLE to the point I wasn’t nervous or self conscious about to the point where I wasn’t nervous or self-conscious about my flaws but actually had fun with it, & by the end of the session, I felt VIBRANT & SEXY. If you are thinking about something for yourself or adding a little spark. Call her!!”

“Michelle captured not only my DJ services perfectly but my personality in my photos.”

“Michelle was unbelievable! My friend and I really appreciate her and everything she did for us to make the shoot fun and comfortable. I had so much fun and the photos turned out awesome.”

“Michelle, I can’t stop looking at the beautiful photos you took for us. I love them all! Thank you for your expertise and kind patience with us. We had so much fun”